50 Users RDS CAL for Windows Server 2019 (COA sticker)

Original price was: €295.00.Current price is: €195.00.

This original retail license enables Remote Desktop Services features for 50 users on your Windows Server 2019 (both Standard and Datacenter edition supported).

This is a physical product, you are getting Certificate of Authenticity (COA) like shown on the picture with the license activation code. Shipped to you with tracked priority mail.

License activation code can be sent to your inbox before dispatch if you let us know.

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So what’s actually is RDS CAL for Windows Server?

RDS stands for “Remote Desktop Services”, and CAL means “Client Access License”. With “50 Users RDS CAL for Windows Server 2019” you can license up to 50 users to access the Remote Desktop Services features on Windows Server 2019.

RDS allows you to securely connect remote users to your server and provide them with access to desktops, applications, and data from any device and location. RDS also offers improved security, scalability, and user experience, as well as integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and other cloud services. Whether you need to support remote work, education, or entertainment, this RDS CAL license for Windows Server 2019 will help you achieve your goals.

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