Windows Server 2022 Standard 24 Cores – OEM Box

Original price was: €167.00.Current price is: €127.00.

This is a real physical Windows Server 2022 Standard 24 Cores OEM box, shipped to you after payment is made (usually within 24h, but sometimes might take a bit longer). The package includes: Retail Box, Installation DVD, License Activation Key, COA (Certificate of Authenticity). The is a lifetime license.


You can download Windows Server 2022 installer from the official Microsoft website.

Windows Server 2022 Standard is an enhanced and innovative platform built upon the solid foundation of Windows Server 2019. This latest version improves performance and functionality in three key areas: security, application platform, Azure hybrid integration and management.

Experience a remarkable boost in efficiency with Windows Containers as they now support Kubernetes and boast improved application compatibility. Enjoy a remarkable 30% faster startup time and up to 40% reduction in Windows Container images, resulting in superior performance. Moreover, Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) and Microsoft Distributed Transaction Control (MSDTC) are now fully supported by Windows Containers, adding versatility to your containerized applications.

Simplifying the Windows Container with Kubernetes experience, you’ll find consistent network policy implementation with Calico, IPv6 support, and the convenience of host-process containers for node configuration.

Windows Admin Center has been enhanced to make containerizing .NET applications a breeze. This combined feature set empowers you to elevate your Windows hosting experience significantly.

With the built-in hybrid capabilities of Windows Server 2022, achieve unparalleled agility and efficiency while seamlessly extending your data centers to Azure. The upgraded Windows Admin Center streamlines Windows Server 2022 management, enabling users to easily enable features and improve the state of Secured-Core features.

Embrace the power of Azure Arc-enabled servers, providing a secure and comprehensive approach to integration across edge, multi-cloud, and on-premises environments. Once connected to Azure, your hybrid machine becomes a fully integrated resource in the Azure ecosystem, offering endless possibilities for seamless operation and management.

Security is of paramount importance, and Windows Server 2022 addresses this by combining comprehensive security capabilities to deliver robust protection against advanced threats. Benefit from advanced multi-layer security measures that ensure your hosting services are safeguarded, providing peace of mind and confidence in your solution’s safety.